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Project Status

Salient Features of the Project

Project ID P127508
Grant / Loan Numbers TF Loan 13557 & TF Grant 13665
Project Implementation Start Date 1 March 2013
Effectiveness Date 20 June 2013
Project Implementation End Date 30 July 2018
Expected Closing Date 30 Nov 2018
Borrower Government of Nepal
Responsible Agency (for components A, B, and C) Department of Hydrology and MeteorologyContact: Dr. Rishi Ram Sharma, Director GeneralTelephone No.: (977-1) 425-6193Email:
Financial Resources  
Total project cost $31.30 M
World Bank $ 31 M
Grant $16 M
Loan $15 M
Government of Nepal $0.30 M
The loan has a final maturity of 40 years, including a grace period of 10 years. The Service Charge payable by the Borrower is equal to one-tenth of one percent per annum.

The components of the BRCH project are as follows.

Components Cost (USD Millions)
Institutional Strengthening, Capacity Building and Implementation Support of DHM 5.10
Modernization of the Observation Infrastructure and Forecasting 16.75
Enhancement of the Service Delivery System of DHM 3.45
Creation of an Agriculture Management Information System


Status Update of Project Activities (30 April, 2018)

• Reconstruction & Refurbishment of DHM Office Building (ICB No: PPCR/DHM/W/ICB-10) is going on. The contractor (Danfe and Samanantar J/V) has completed slab concrete of ninth floor of tower-I. Tower erection work of tower- II & III has been completed. Overall progress of building construction is 55% of total work. Site specific ESMP has been revised and compliance monitoring is being conducted regularly.

• DHM has signed the contract agreement of Upgrading of Surface Meteorological Network (Supply, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning) with MicroStep-MIS, spol. S.r.o. Equipments have already been arrived and civil works for upgrading has been started from Khumaltar station. Environment and social requirements for each station are under way and will be completed before starting the installation activity.

• DHM has signed the Contract agreement of Technical Re-equipment of Hydrological Network and Special Equipment for Hydrological Stations (Supply, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning) with Real Time Solution (RTS) Pvt. Ltd. J/V Waves Group Pvt. Ltd. Consulting firm has completed installation of 25 Hydrological stations. Environment and social requirements for each station are under way and will be completed before starting the installation activity.

• Upper-Air Radiosonde contract agreement has been signed with MSI-GRAW JV and the bidder has submitted the implementation work plan to DHM. Contractor has endorsed all the equipment of Upper Air Radiosonde in DHM store section which has already been handed over to SI-GRAW JV. Construction of infrastructure (approach road, store, water tank etc.) is going to be started soon.

• Regarding Legal and Regulatory Framework for DHM Operation, DHM has received approval from cabinet for preparation of draft bill. Now, consulting firm has submitted Draft Bill, Regulation and SoP to DHM.

• Regarding establishment of Weather Radar (Design, Supply, Installation and commissioning) in Surkhet, contract has been signed with Enterprise Electronics Corporation (EEC), USA on 27th June, 2017. Contractor has already started tower installation work at site based on final design of tower. DHM has already opened the LC in the name of EEC. Construction of approach road to Radar site has already been completed.

• For the procurement of High Power Computer for NWP, bid had been opened on 29 Jan, 2018. Contract will be signed within May, 2018.

• Regarding establishment of “End to End FEWS in Koshi and West Rapti Basins to Support and Strengthening Disaster Risk Management” consulting firm has submitted draft final mid-term report to DHM for comment.

• For preparing National Framework for Climate Services and Sectoral Work Groups, it is in the process of approval for the publication of EOI notice.

• Contract agreement on ICT Infrastructure and Data Management Consultant has been signed with consulting firm (Real Time Solution Pvt. Ltd) on 17 Oct, 2017. Real Time Solution, under the guidance of DHM is taking care of the system of ICT Infrastructure and Data Management at NITC, Singhdurbar.

• Contract agreement has been signed with consulting firm (Genesis Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.) on High Resolution Digital Elevation Model (DEM). Consultant has submitted the final report after completion of assignment. SI and DHM/PMU are reviewing the reports.

• Evaluation of Technical Proposal on Development of Cost Recovery System/Business Model of DHM for Aeronautical Meteorological Services has been completed.

• DHM is in the process of re-publishing EoI notice for Training Course for Aeronautical Meteorological Forecasters to cover ICAO (Annex 3) and WMO(BIP-M) requirements; and Training Course for Aeronautical Meteorological Observers to cover ICAO (Annex 3) and WMO (BIP-MT).

• EoI received for Implementing and Commissioning of High Resolution Local Area Numerical Weather Prediction System at DHM are under evaluation.

• DHM has issued RFP for Development of Needs Assessment and Design of Water Quality and Sediment Monitoring Network to first ranked consulting firm (Deltares-The Netherlands). Consulting firm has submitted RFP which has already been opened.

• Bid notice for Snow, Glacier and Weather Monitoring Station Network is in phase of re-publication.

• Bid notice for Hydro-Meteorological Workstation and Automated Production System was published on 27 Sep, 2017. Bids have been opened on 29 November and evaluation of bids has been completed.

• EoI notice for Development and Operationalization of Forecast Verification System has been published on 30 December 2017 and bid opened on 12 February 2018. Bids are under evaluation.

• Bid notice for Pilot Air Quality Monitoring Station (supply, installation and commissioning) was published on 11 January, 2018. Bids has been opened on 28 March, 2018

• Establishment of Weather Presentation System (supply, installation and commissioning) is in the process of bid notice.

• Bid notice for Establishment of Laboratory to Calibrate Meteorological Equipment (supply, installation and commissioning) has been published on 5 May 2018 and bis will be opened on 20 June 2018.