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Project Status

Salient Features of the Project

Project ID P127508
Grant / Loan Numbers TF Loan 13557 & TF Grant 13665
Project Implementation Start Date 1 March 2013
Effectiveness Date 20 June 2013
Project Implementation End Date 30 July 2018
Expected Closing Date 30 Nov 2018
Borrower Government of Nepal
Responsible Agency (for components A, B, and C) Department of Hydrology and MeteorologyContact: Dr. Rishi Ram Sharma, Director GeneralTelephone No.: (977-1) 425-6193Email:
Financial Resources  
Total project cost $31.30 M
World Bank $ 31 M
Grant $16 M
Loan $15 M
Government of Nepal $0.30 M
The loan has a final maturity of 40 years, including a grace period of 10 years. The Service Charge payable by the Borrower is equal to one-tenth of one percent per annum.

The components of the BRCH project are as follows.

Components Cost (USD Millions)
Institutional Strengthening, Capacity Building and Implementation Support of DHM 5.10
Modernization of the Observation Infrastructure and Forecasting 16.75
Enhancement of the Service Delivery System of DHM 3.45
Creation of an Agriculture Management Information System 6.00


Second Implementaion Progress Report – Narrative Summary – FY2014


Progress to date (July2014)

The Government of Nepal and the World Bank signed the project agreement on April 30, 2013 and became effective on June 20, 2013. The BRCH project will liaise closely and mentored by MoSTE so that SPCR/PPCR project level results are integrated into program level results and lessons learned are captured and disseminated to all stakeholders including multilateral donors. The Progress status as of July 2014 are:

  • Required specialists for project management unit (PMU) has been recruited and is working in full fledge
  • Project Implementation Manual (PIM) has been revised by respective to develop Version 2 has been received and forwarded to World Bank for approval
  • Three Technical Coordination Committee Meetings were held for discussion and review of various project activities including GAP.
  • System Integrator/General Consultant, of BRCH project is on board despite delays due to complexity in procurement process
  • The consultant for DHM building design and construction supervision   is on Board. Process for demolition of DHM building has been initiated by hiring office buildings for the project and DHM.
  • PMU Office has been set up at newly hired building
  • Koshi basin in the east and West Rapti in the west have been selected as pilot river basins where frequent recurrent floods occur every year.
  • Project Introductory Workshop at regional level has been completed
  • Inventory preparation work of desired hydro-met stations has been completed
  • Eight member Committee for Organizational restructuring with Chief of Planning, Evaluation and Administration of MOSTE as the Coordinator has been formed
  • Four technical officers from DHM – 2 Hydrological Engineers and 2 Meteorologists has been deputed for implementation of the BRCH project
  • Training to DHM regional/basin staffs on Environmental and Social Management (ESMF) and Monitoring and Evaluation of BRCH Project is completed
  • EOI for satisfaction level Baseline survey has been published and is under the procurement process
  • Brochure of BRCH in English and Nepali has been published
  • Brochure for environmental and social management framework (ESMF) and monitoring and evaluation has been published
  • ToR for hiring legal consulting firm has been prepared
  • ToR for hiring environmental engineer to develop air and water quality monitoring has been prepared