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Dedicated PMU units are needed given the highly technical and complex nature of the project deserving in depth facilitation and coordination at various levels. Project Management Units (PMUs) have been established in each of the two implementing agencies (DHM and MoAD) to implement, facilitate and coordinate project activities. Composition of the PMU is as below.

  1. National Project Director (Dr Jagadishwor Karmacharya, DDG, DHM)
  2. Assistant Project Director (Mr. Shiva Nepal, SDM,  DHM)
  3. Assistant Project Director (Mr. Rajendra Sharma, SDH,  DHM)
  4. Project Technical Coordinator/Consultant
  5. Financial Management Consultant
  6. Procurement Consultant
  7. Social and Communications Consultant
  8. Environmental Safeguard Consultant
  9. Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant
  10. S.D.H of MoEWRI, Monitoring and Evaluation Partial Support to PMU
  11. Office Secretary- Consultant
  12. Account Officer of DHM
  13. Legal Officer of MoEWRI, Partial Support to PMU