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The Project has four components:

  1. Institutional strengthening, capacity building and implementation support of DHM;
  2. Modernization of observation networks and forecasting;
  3. Enhancement of the service delivery system of DHM; and
  4. Creation of an agriculture management information system (AMIS).

DHM is implementing the Components A, B and C and MoAD is implementing Component D..

Component A: Institutional Strengthening, Capacity Building and Implementation Support of DHM

This component aims to strengthen DHM’s legal and regulatory frameworks, improve institutional performance as the main provider of weather, climate and hydrological information for the nation, build capacity of personnel and management, ensure operability of the future networks, and support project implementation. There are three sub-components:

  • Institutional Strengthening
  • DHM Capacity Building and Training
  • Systems Design and Integration, Project Management and Monitoring.

Component B: Modernization of the Observation Networks and Forecasting

This component aims to modernize DHM’s observation networks, communication and ICT systems, improve hydro-meteorological numerical prediction systems and reconstruct / refurbish DHM offices and facilities. This component has the following five sub-components:

  • Technical Modernization of Observation Networks
  • Modernization of DHM’s Communication and ICT Systems.
  • Improvement of the Numerical Hydro-meteorological Prediction System.
  • Design and Pilot Operation of an Environmental Monitoring Network.
  • Refurbishment / Reconstruction of DHM Offices

Component C: Enhancement of the Service Delivery System of DHM

The objective of this component is to enhance the service delivery system by creating a public weather service that provides weather and impact forecasts, and information services for vulnerable communities and the key weather dependent sectors of economy. The main sub-components are:

  • Introduction of a Public Weather
  • Strengthening of DRM Operations including piloting of “end-to-end” early warning systems in two river basins in the western and eastern parts of Nepal.
  • Improvement of Service Delivery
  • Establishment of a National Climate

Component D: Agriculture Management Information System

The objective of this component is to provide critical and timely agro-climate and weather information to farmers in order to increase productivity and reduce losses from meteorological and hydrological hazards. The main sub-components are:

  • Agricultural Management Information System – Portal, Hardware and Software.
  • Information Products
  • Information Dissemination
  • Capacity Building
  • Project Management, Social Outreach and Communication, Monitoring and Evaluation of Component